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7 Common Dental Problems Fixed With Lumineers
February 3, 2023

Choosing Lumineers veneers for chipped, uneven, short teeth.

Lumineers may be your answer to picture-perfect teeth! The beauty of veneers, including Lumineers, is that they can correct multiple problems at one time with one treatment. And in some cases, you may not have even realized that Lumineers are a treatment option for your particular cosmetic dental issue.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are ultra-thin veneers. They are placed over your teeth, with little or no need to file down your tooth structure. Lumineers do not need to be placed on every tooth and can usually transform your smile when placed on your visible front teeth. They are made in different colors, shapes, and sizes, so they seamlessly blend with your other teeth while improving the overall look of your smile.

before and after lumineers

What Can Lumineers Fix?

Lumineers cover up many cosmetic dental issues, leaving you with a stunning, natural-looking smile.

Hide Chips or Cracks

Chips and fractures happen, and regardless if they are small and subtle or quite noticeable, they may bother you. Veneers are certainly not the only option if you only have a chip or crack on one tooth. But they can be particularly helpful if you have more than one dental problem to tackle.

When a veneer is placed over a cracked or chipped tooth, it can camouflage it with a more flawless surface. If you have multiple chips or other problems, such as discoloration, veneers can be one solution for multiple problems.

Correct Uneven Teeth

Uneven teeth can occur for different reasons. Genetics can play a role, as well as wear and tear, dental problems, injury, poor nutrition, or bad habits such as thumb-sucking. Veneers can make your teeth more uniform in shape and size.

Fix Small or Short Teeth

If you were born with smaller teeth or if your teeth are shorted due to wear, Lumineers might be the answer. Lumineers can also helf if you find the shape of your smile is not what you want it to be. By lengthening your teeth, you can improve the look of your smile with Lumineers.

Close Gaps

With small gaps, it is sometimes hard to know what the solution is. Lumineers can be sized in such a way that they close minor gaps between teeth. Too-large gaps might require a different intervention, however. One option is to close larger gaps with Invisalign, then place Lumineers for the final touch.

Straighten Teeth

If you thought braces or clear aligners were the only way to straighten teeth, you aren’t the only one. Many patients don’t know that mild misalignment can be hidden with veneers. If you do have more serious misalignment, a two-step approach, like we mentioned above, may be an option.

Address Minor Overcrowding

Like with closing gaps and misalignment, minor crowding can be camouflaged with Lumineers. If teeth slightly overlap or are rotated due to crowding, Lumineers can give the illusion that they are straight and properly spaced.

Whiten and Brighten Your Smile

Last but certainly not least, Lumineers can whiten and brighten your entire smile. Superficial discoloration can be treated with professional tooth whitening. But there are many causes of tooth discoloration that can’t.

With Lumineers, you can whiten your smile even if stains or discoloration on your teeth have resisted whitening in the past. Furthermore, the material used for Lumineers is translucent, just like natural teeth, leaving you with a bright and beautiful smile.

Are You Ready for Lumineers?

If any of these cosmetic dental concerns are bothersome to you, consider Lumineers. With this treatment, you can even tackle multiple dental issues at once. Contact our office today to find out if you are a candidate for Lumineers.




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