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NuCalm Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Experience a relaxed, anxiety and fear-free dental appointment at Hinsdale Dentistry

As your Hinsdale Dentists make every effort to focus on creating a positive dental experience, we spend a great deal of time considering patient sedation options. We offer traditional choices like local anesthesia and nitrous oxide, but have invested time considering individuals for whom those options aren’t satisfactory. For those who experience significant dental anxiety or just want to unwind in the dental chair, we are excited to offer an effective, drug-free, and truly beneficial relaxation treatment called NuCalm.

What does NuCalm do?

Dental anxiety isn’t really about fear of the dentist, but fear of pain. NuCalm eliminates that fear by placing patients in a pre-sleep mental state. NuCalm will not affect you in any kind of overwhelming way. Rather, the procedure induces natural relaxation in just 3-5 minutes. You will be able to leave our office with no side effects, no recuperative time, and no impairments.

The NuCalm process in detail:

1. You will chew natural tablets containing nutraceuticals to reduce adrenaline
2. Your hygienist will apply a patch behind each of your ears. These patches provide subtle microcurrent stimulation, quickening the onset of relaxation.
3. You will put on noise-cancelling headphones that play calming music combined with subconscious neuroacoustic sounds.
4. You will put on dark glasses to remove visual stimuli and allow you to more easily remain in a soothed state of mind.

NuCalm is not hypnosis; it does not induce sleep. You will remain aware while in the dental chair, and simply deeply relaxed. At the end of your dental treatment, you will easily return to a normal mental state, while feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, experiencing a sense of mental renewal. How’s that for a post dental procedure effect? Many patients even report looking forward to their next visit and another NuCalm experience.

With NuCalm, everybody wins!

Hinsdale Dental Sedation, Hinsdale Pain Free Dentistry To date over 50,000 dental patients across the United States have experienced a relaxing dental appointment with NuCalm without a single reported adverse experience. 98% of patients who have experienced NuCalm state they would recommend it to their friends and family.

What Patients Are Saying About NuCalm

“Absolutely awesome! I’m sold and can’t imagine doing it again without it!” – Meribeth

“I actually feel better about being here! Usually I can’t stand to be in the chair…now I can do it!” – Julie

“I felt very calm and relaxed. I did not realize a dental appointment could be this easy! I lost track of time!” – Chris

“I can’t believe that was only 90 minutes – only felt like it was 30 minutes tops!” – Craig

When considering your next dental procedure, ask your Hinsdale dentist about NuCalm to discover just what modern sedation dental technology has to offer. Call Hinsdale Dentistry today at (630) 209-8195.

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