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Lumineers Burr Ridge

Lumineers Burr Ridge Looking for the kind of smile that will never let you down? It’s definitely an appealing concept. Most of us have experienced moments of shame stemming from less-than-perfect teeth. Whether you covered your teeth with your hand while smiling, kept your lips closed in a photograph, or even held back from the center of attention, that moment kept you from realizing your full potential.

Don’t let your teeth control you. Burr Ridge Lumineers will bring you to the confident, capable place from which you can really lead your life. How can a simple cosmetic treatment effect such a big change?

Because your smile means more than you might think.

Why a Beautiful Smile Makes a Difference


Have you noticed your feelings about your teeth affecting your social interactions? Whether you realize it or not, they always play a role. Your smile builds your confidence. And when it’s not up to snuff, you’re not truly prepared to engage with your daily life.

How Do Lumineers Play a Role in Confidence?

Lumineers are versatile porcelain veneers. They’re thinner than the veneers you may be accustomed to, so they fit over your teeth with minimal tooth prep. This allows you to make a wide variety of changes to your smile, without receiving shots of anesthesia or losing portions of your natural teeth.

With the aid of these thin veneers, you can make calculated adjustments to the look of your grin. Our dentists will help you decide on the changes that fit you best – personally and aesthetically. The end result will be a smile that you’re proud to possess.

Finding Lumineers in Burr Ridge

Hinsdale Dentistry is located just off Ogden Avenue, and is simple to reach from most of the southwest suburbs of Chicago. If you’re interested in learning more about treatment options, contact us today. It’s time to make a big change!

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