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Free Digital Smile Makeover

Now you can preview your Smile Makeover in Hinsdale before you have it done!

smile-makeover-hinsdaleAt Hinsdale Dentistry, our SNAP dental digital imaging shows you what your new smile makeover could look like, and allows you and our Hinsdale Cosmetic Dentist to determine a treatment direction. It is quick, free, and only requires a picture of your smile. After one of our Hinsdale Cosmetic Dentistry staff takes your picture, we will apply the necessary corrections to the images of your teeth. Whether you need teeth whitening, dental bonding, crowns or dental implants, we will customize a smile makeover plan for you. Before leaving our Hinsdale Cosmetic Dental office that day, you will receive a portfolio featuring your prospective smile makeover.

Your smile can have a huge effect on your self confidence and can keep you from interacting with the people around you. Have you ever held back on laughter or hid your smile, even from a loved one? Our Hinsdale Cosmetic Dentists CAN give you the smile you’ve always wanted! Schedule a FREE, no obligation office consultation and FREE Digital Smile Makeover today at Hinsdale Dentistry (630) 323-4468. To receive a personalized response to your smile analysis please complete the form below.

Features of LumiSmile


  • Digital smile makeover technology
  • Preview your smile with Lumineers porcelain veneers
  • See the potential results of whitening
  • Fun and exciting experience
  • Takes just 30 minutes
  • Helps you make a more informed decision

The following questions are designed to honestly evaluate your smile. Take a look in the mirror and show your biggest smile. Then, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are any of your teeth yellow, stained or somewhat discolored? YesNo
2. Would you like your teeth to be whiter? YesNo
3. Do you have any gaps or spaces between your teeth? YesNo
4. Are any of your teeth turned, crooked, or uneven? YesNo
5. Are you missing any teeth? YesNo
6. Are the edges of any teeth worn down, chipped or uneven? YesNo
7. Do any of your teeth appear too small, short, large or long? YesNo
8. Do you have any prior dental work that appears unnatural? YesNo
9. Do you have any crowns or bridges that appear dark at the edge of your gums? YesNo
10. Do you have any gray, black or silver (mercury) fillings in your teeth? YesNo
11. Do you have a "gummy" smile (too much of your gums show when smiling)? YesNo
12. Does the appearance of your smile inhibit you from laughing or smiling? YesNo
13. Would you like to change anything about the appearance of your teeth or smile? YesNo
Questions or Comments

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, there are many ways that we can help you regain a healthy and self confident smile. Call Hinsdale Dentistry today at(630) 323-4468 and Schedule your Complimentary Smile Evaluation.