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Chicago Sedation Dentistry

Chicago sedation dentistryImagine you have a dental appointment tomorrow. How do you feel? Are you cool as a cucumber, or are your hands getting a little sweaty? Is your heart starting to race? Are you ready to head for the border? No matter your feelings about the office, there’s help ahead – Chicago sedation dentistry will put even the most intense nerves at ease.

Dental anxiety is incredibly common and comes in so many varieties. If you’ve been nervous about dental treatment for most of your life, it can feel impassable. That’s why finding the right form of dental sedation, and the right office, changes everything. When you’re comfortable with your dentist and their staff, and you’re feeling comfortable in the dental chair, a whole new world of possibilities opens before you.

It’s time to find the positive dental experience you deserve. Our suburban Chicago practice boasts dedicated patients from across Chicagoland – they’re willing to make a trip to visit because our level of care is that unique. Find directions from your home on the map below, and fill out the short form to connect with our front desk. We look forward to changing the way you feel about dentistry!

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Will Sedation Dentistry Help Me?

Any patient feeling uncomfortable with a dental procedure will benefit from sedation. We offer a few different types that are widely appropriate and don’t involve needles or other stressors. If you think that sedation might be good for you, just let our office know before your appointment. We may need to prescribe oral sedation for you to take before treatment, or set up for nitrous. Just broach the topic, and we’ll tell you more and make recommendations for your treatment.

Sedation at Hinsdale Dentistry includes

  • Oral sedation – Anti-anxiety medication taken about an hour before your procedure so that it’s active once you’re at the office
  • Nitrous oxide – Gas inhaled (along with oxygen) throughout a procedure to induce a relaxed euphoria
  • NuCalm – Sensory relaxation experience that helps place your brain and body in a calm, restorative state
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