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Chicago Invisalign

Chicago Invisalign

Help ease your son or daughter’s teenage years with orthodontic treatment that doesn’t stand out

We spend plenty of time talking about how Invisalign suits adults – with its subtlety, simplicity, and patient-oriented process, it’s a perfect fit for the busy man or woman. But that overlooks another incredibly important Invisalign patient base: teens. Living through adolescence is awkward enough, and metal braces shouldn’t compound the daily difficulties.

Chicago Invisalign is available from a number of providers, but Hinsdale Dentistry offers a level of expertise, warmth, and patient-oriented care that has patients traveling across the Chicagoland area to find us. If you’d like to schedule an Invisalign consultation for yourself or your teenager, just fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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Discovering Invisalign Teen

The necessity for orthodontic treatment can come as unwelcome news. If your child is an adolescent, they’re probably dreading getting their braces on. With all that the average teenager feels anxious about each day, metal braces don’t need to tarnish their already stressful lives.

If your child’s malocclusion is mild to moderate, Invisalign could be an appropriate alternative. The clear plastic trays gently realign teeth without broadcasting the straightening. To the average bystander, Invisalign aligners aren’t even noticeable – and once your son or daughter becomes accustomed to wearing aligners, he or she won’t notice them either.

To determine whether Invisalign is right for your child, we will need to take x-rays and examine their teeth. But there are some questions you can ask them to prepare them for treatment:

  • Are they¬†prepared to replace their trays as soon as possible after eating or drinking?
  • Are they committed to brushing and flossing regularly to prevent cavities during treatment?
  • Are they hoping to avoid the frustrations of braces while still seeing straighter teeth as a result?

If your teen is on board with the process, Invisalign could be the answer.

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