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Clarendon Hills Area Dentist On Your Chipped Tooth Treatment
February 12, 2013
Soon your teeth will be whole again!

When dealing with a chipped tooth, we can’t exactly put a band aid on the enamel and leave it well alone. We are forced to feel the sore, sharp area throughout the day, whether talking, eating, or sitting at rest. Moreover, the consequences of a chipped tooth aren’t merely comfort related.  While a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth can seem like a mild concern, it could progress to a serious infection, unsound tooth structure, or even loss of the tooth. Seeing your Clarendon Hills area dentist as soon as you notice a chipped tooth will prevent disaster from occurring. Even the tiniest tooth chip could lead to an eventual (even worse: avoidable!) root canal.

Why should I see a dentist about my chipped tooth?

  1. Only a dentist can gauge the level of damage that has been done. The tooth chip could be superficial and simply in need of dental bonding. This is what your Hinsdale dentist hopes! Unfortunately, chips often signify deeper fractures or structural concerns. You can’t possibly discern this on your own: your dentist needs to examine the chipped tooth and pronounce it solid.
  2. Left alone, the tooth may incur more damage. Even a slight chip will change the way forces affect the tooth, increasing the likelihood of further chipping or cracking. As with most dental concerns, waiting to address a problem will likely make the solution more extensive and expensive.
  3. Infection carries grave consequences. A chipped or cracked tooth is prone to infection, which can lead to serious medical problems. If the tooth is fractured, the pulp could die, necessitating a root canal.
  4. If the tooth is fractured, it needs structural support. Your Clarendon Hills area dentist will be able to protect the tooth with a beautiful porcelain veneer or porcelain crown.
  5. A cosmetic dentist will be able to lend the tooth support and beauty. Our Hinsdale Dentistry cosmetic dentists may be able to make the tooth aesthetically superior to its pre-chipped state.

If there was serious trauma to your tooth or you are in great pain, your tooth constitutes a dental emergency and you should contact your dentist immediately. Action may need to be taken as soon as possible to protect your tooth. Our Hinsdale Dentistry team hopes to resolve your chipped tooth soon!