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What are No-Prep Veneers, Anyway?
July 22, 2018

2 single front teeth veneers on a blue background

Porcelain veneers aren’t exactly new when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain Veneers have been widely used for decades but were used more for dental restoration than anything else. So why the sudden increase in popularity?

One word. Lumineers.

Lumineers vs. Traditional Porcelain Veneers

There are some major differences between the traditional Porcelain Veneer and the new and improved Lumineer, which explains why Lumineers have become increasingly popular for patients looking for a complete dental restoration with no tooth preparation placement.

Traditional Porcelain Veneers

When traditional Porcelain Veneers are made, the dentist will first grind away some of the fronts of the teeth. Typically, a dentist will only need to trim an amount that’s about the same thickness as the laminate they plan to place. Although this is a very minimal amount, patients will have to endure the drilling and an anesthetic will more than likely be required. In traditional Porcelain Veneers, temporary veneers will likely need to be worn until the next appointment when the final restorations are cemented in place.

The Difference in Lumineers

The ultra-thin veneer product, Lumineers, allows dentists to bond directly to the surface of a tooth without needing to trim it back first. Since no drilling is involved, an anesthetic isn’t needed either, making it a no-prep placement option. Lumineers are made out of Cerinate porcelain, making the specific Lumineer brand unique when compared to other brands and equivalent products.

No tooth structure being trimmed away for placement makes no-drilling Lumineers one of the most conservative procedures and effective cosmetic dentistry procedures. No requirement for tooth trimming makes this procedure ideal for people who want to make a change but are generally fearful of having dental work performed.


What You Might Not Know about Lumineers

Of course, Lumineers can completely transform a patient’s smile, but the real amazing thing about Lumineers is their ability to do so without requiring pain or a big commitment on your part to do so.

Lumineers not only get you smiling but…

Require No Prep

Veneers typically require that the target teeth be drilled down so that the veneers will fit into place without being bulky or look out of place. This robs patients of their natural tooth structure, and effects irreversible changes. Lumineers are so remarkably thin that they often fit over natural teeth with minimal to no tooth preparation required.

Are Long Lasting

With proper care and protection, your Lumineers can last for decades. Acting as a constant boost for your natural smile, this transformative product makes for a great investment in yourself that lasts.

Look Completely Natural

The most important aspect of any cosmetic dentistry treatment is that it blends with your surrounding smile. Lumineers allow us to transform a patient’s smile with thin, slightly translucent porcelain that looks just like your natural enamel, leading your Lumineers to seem to be the real thing to everyone who sees your new smile.

Strengthen Your Smile

Lumineers not only change the appearance of your smile but also improve its strength. Struggling with tooth sensitivity? Veneers will provide a new, protective layer that keeps hot and cold from causing twinges, and helps you once again enjoy all of your favorite foods and beverages regardless of their temperature.

Are No-Prep, No Fuss

No-prep also means no anesthesia. This allows patients to gain a new smile and restore their confidence without having to undergo things like shots. If you’re someone who experiences any sort of dental anxiety, this procedure is a pain and trauma-free experience.  


Don’t Go Through Life With A Less Than Perfect Smile

Lumineers are unique in more ways than one and make different changes to each patients life depending on the reasoning behind why the patient is looking for cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile. One thing you can always count on with Lumineers is complete patient satisfaction. With the help of Lumineers, patients are able to look and feel ready for anything that their natural teeth held them back from. Schedule a consultation with Hinsdale Dentistry today and see how Lumineers can help you take on life with renewed confidence.